Every Type of Hazard

Construction sites can contain so many different potential hazards, bringing all facets of protection in play. Falling objects present a threat to employees' heads and feet, while sharp edges, high temperatures, electrical hazards, and chemical agents pose a danger to workers' bodies and hands. Traffic both within and outside the construction site and loud equipment are other hazards that safety managers must take into account

Every Type of Solution

Each construction site is different, with each requiring an individualized safety program. Stauffer will ensure that the safety equipment we provide will fit the unique needs of each site. These safety requirements can evolve past just protecting employees from hazards. Construction sites where hazardous materials are present must account for spill control and storm water runoff. Construction projects that affect traffic patterns will need barricades, tape, traffic cones, flashing lights, and HiVis garments for their workers.

Safety Tailored to Your Needs

Stauffer carries a complete line of safety products to fit your individual needs. Lanyards, harnesses, and their accessories and anchors keep tools and workers from falling and prevent injuries. Hard hats can be customized with your company's logo and come in a variety of styles and colors. Stauffer can supply a vast array of hand protection from disposable to cut, impact, and vibration resistant gloves. HiVis clothing can also be customized with any company logo. Our Stauffer Brand gloves can provide you with cost saving benefits without sacrificing quality and protection.