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566880 06-0100-20SW My Part #: 06-0100-20SW
672.06000 / Case

Helmet, Speedglas 9100 welding helmet with 9100X auto darkening lens shades 5, 8, 9 to 13, with side windows, 2.1" X 4.2" viewing area, with side windows, 1 each per case

Available with (3) auto-darkening filters (ADFs) in different sizes with built-in mag plate holder. Sensitivity adjustment for use with all Stick, MIG and TIG processes. Also has grinding and torch cutting modes. Headgear features flexible head suspension and extended coverage of vulnerable areas, such as the ears and neck, making helmets comfortable and versatile. Available with SideWindows with replaceable covers that allow for enhanced peripheral and downward viewing, reducing the "tunnel vision" effect. Each starter kit includes (5) outside protection plates, (2) appropriately sized inside protection plates, and a sweatband. Helmet lens options: Speedglas 9100V, dark shades 5, 8-13, viewing area 6.05 sq. in. Speedglas 9100X, dark shades 8-13, viewing area 9.12 sq. in. Speedglas 9100XX, dark shades 8-13, viewing area 12.11 sq. in.
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