HexArmor 4062-S (7) - Chrome SLT

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Mechanics Gloves
690847 4062-S (7)
28.70000 / Pair

Glove, Chrome SLT, goatskin leather, aramid liner, extended saety cuff for easy on/off, rated HRC 4 (cal rated at 46 Cal/cm2), cut rated level A5, EN407 tested for Burning Behavior Level 4, Contact Heat Level 2, Convective Heat Level 2, Radiant Heat Level 1, Small Splashes of Molten Metal Level 4, and Large Splashes of Molten Metal Level 1, size small (9), sold by the dozen

Glove, Chrome SLT mechanics style, goatskin leather palm, extended safety cuff, ANSI cut level A5 (Gram score 2509), ANSI conductive heat level 2 , contact heat level 2, size Small-7