Stauffer Glove & Safety IR135BNFT - ROBO Impact and Cut Resistant Gloves

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Anti-Vibration and Impact Resistant
P002945 IR135BNFT
Stauffer Glove & Safety
18.00000 / Pair

Gloves, ROBO™, palm and thumb nitrile coating, touch screen, Cut Level A5, back of the hand impact protection, 6 pairs per bag, 6 bags per case, sizes Extra Small - 2XL

Robo™: The pinnacle of glove engineering, designed with cutting-edge materials and technology for The Ultimate Impact Resistance. Crafted for excellent extrication ability. This advanced glove offers unparalleled protection against impacts, ensuring maximum safety and durability in even the toughest environments.

Engineered to withstand and absorb high-impact forces, Robo provides users with confidence and security in demanding tasks, setting a new standard for safety gear. Crafted with precision, the foam nitrile coating provides an exceptional grip, ensuring you have full control even in slippery conditions. Say goodbye to frustrating slips and fumbles!

The nitrile coating on the palm keeps your hands dry even in wet environments. No more discomfort caused by moisture or prolonged exposure to liquids. These gloves are your go-to solution for a wide range of tasks.

With a remarkable Cut Level A5 shell, these gloves offer top-tier defense against sharp objects. Additionally, the TPR on the back of the hand adds an extra layer of safeguarding, providing you with peace of mind in high-risk situations. You don't have to sacrifice dexterity for durability. Our ROBO™ Gloves strike the perfect balance between flexibility and ruggedness. Move with ease while knowing your hands are shielded. The Hi Viz fingertips aren't just for show - they serve a crucial purpose. They enhance your awareness, ensuring you can focus on the task at hand without any distractions.

Experience the unbeatable protection yourself! Try a free sample of the Robo™ extrication glove today and feel the difference in ultimate impact resistance. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your safety gear - claim your sample now and witness the superior protection firsthand!

  • Foam nitrile gives excellent grip and abrasion resistance.
  • Nitrile coating keeps the palm dry in wet environments and extends the life of the glove.
  • Cut level A5 shell and impact resistant TPR adds excellent protection for user.
  • Excellent flexibility, durability and dexterity.
  • Hi Viz finger tips for increased awareness.
Abrasion Level 4Cut Level A5Puncture Level 4