Automotive PPE


Automotive PPE

Intelligent Solutions for a Variety of Hazards

The automotive industry brings with it many hazards common in manufacturing, stamping, fabrication, welding and metal work. Employees in this industry could be injured not only by the heavy machinery and products they work with, but by the repetitive tasks they perform. All automotive manufacturers use several dangerous tools such as welding guns, grinders, and drills. These tools cannot be engineered out of the manufacturing process, so it is important to protect employees who may be working with them.

Full Product Line of Protective Equipment

Those working in the automotive industry may work in elevated areas, putting them at risk for falls. Slippery, greasy factory floors present tripping hazards. Large machinery and sharp edges present impact, hearing, and laceration hazards. Stauffer carries all the solutions for these hazards - harnesses and anchors, mats and slip resistant foot protection, earmuffs and earplugs, and all forms of hand protection from cut resistant to impact resistant.

Automotive PPE

Expertise You Need at the Price You Want

Sharp edges, heavy objects, and loud machinery warrant protective equipment like cut and impact resistant gloves, shoes or boots with safety toes, and hearing protection such as ear plugs or earmuffs. Administrative controls like machine guards and shields around more dangerous equipment can help protect workers. Personal protective equipment is the last line of defense where engineering controls cannot protect workers from a hazard and processes cannot be changed to avoid risk exposure.