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PPE Vending Machines

Manage your Inventory and Control your Costs

With all the different types of vending available today, choosing the right machine for you is key. 

With our 100+ years of service and experience within the industry, we can help you cut costs. This way, you can choose the best possible vending machine for your company.

98% of the vending machines on the market supplied by companies charge you to maintain them.

The reason why there are so many vending machines on the market is because of the cost-effectiveness. They give companies the ability to purchase products quickly and easily, with no lines. There are a wide range of items to choose from. The employee uses a company card to swipe, once the selection is made the machine will release the item.

Stauffer Glove & Safety has no hidden fees, our program helps you control your PPE use while providing easy access to the gear they need to stay safe. At Stauffer's, you can customize your own program to meet your facility's specific needs and make it easy to promote safety, accountability, and compliance on the job.

Our PPE Vending Solutions

Features and Benefits

•  Reduction of PPE consumption.
•  24-7 controlled access to PPE supplies.
•  Various types/models of machines to meet a wide variety of product sizes.
•  Web-based reports can be generated in order to view all transactions by employee.
•  Reduced inventory and carrying costs.

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Vending Machine Solutions from a Safety Supplier with Experience

Stauffer Glove and Safety has installed PPE vending machine programs at over 200 customer sites. When selecting a PPE supplier or vending machine solution, choose the experts.

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