Kyorene, which is made from our proprietary GRAPHENE based special fibers. Lightweight, comfortable, soft, exible, and extremely strong, Kyorene is THE next generation material that will substantially change and enhance the properties of hand protection as it is known today. Armor Guys will continue to be at the forefront of this innovation as THE leading player in the introduction of GRAPHENE to the market for high quality hand, arm and body protection.


 Armor Guys 00-850 Kyorene
Armor Guys 00-850 Kyorene
15-gauge, gray Graphene Pro liner, black HCT microfoam nitrile palm coating, continuous knit wrist, ANSI cut level A5

Armor Guys Technology


GRAPHENE is a nano-sized carbon material that is the most important and leading edge material on earth and possesses inherent properties beyond imagination. The density of GRAPHENE is harder than a diamond, 200 times stronger than steel and is the strongest material ever measured in the world. It has outstanding thermal conductivity at 130 GPa and has a breaking tenacity that reaches 42N/m while the density is only 2.2g/cm.

When introducing GRAPHENE to a variety of textile bers, the characteristics of those bers show superior performance, nothing like anything that has ever been seen. GRAPHENE based gloves have incredibly high tensile strength, oer superior cut, abrasion and heat resistance. At the same time, GRAPHENE possesses anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-static, and anti-ultraviolet properties.


The unique composite construction of Taeki5 was developed to protect hands and arms against mechanical and thermal risks, while doing so with products that offer excellent fit, form and function to the user. The range of Takei5 products come in a variety of weights and coatings, thus allowing the products to be used in multiple applications across a variety of industries.

Taeki5 is revolutionary in its performance compared to other cut resistant fibers on the market today. It offers superior cut, abrasion, and heat resistance when comapred to both Aramid and HPPE. In addition, Taeki5 is resistant to UV light, lint free, can be laundered repeatedly, highly comfortable, available in multiple colors and can be applied with a variety of coatings - including nitrile, PVC, and latex. 

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