Chemical Manufacturing

A Vital Industry

Comprised of companies that manufacture industrial chemicals, the chemical manufacturing industry is vital to today's global economy. This industry takes raw materials such as oil, natural gas, metals, and minerals, and uses them to create a vast array of products. These include the chemicals that will be used in flavoring and fragrances, cleaners, inks, as well as pharmaceuticals vitamins and pesticides. From oil refineries and polymer manufacturers to soaps, detergents, and cosmetics, the chemical industry plays a vital role and presents a myriad of hazards for workers within it.

Hazardous Workplaces

When potentially hazardous chemicals are present in a workplace process, the best possible solution is to substitute them out or change the working process to separate the employee from the hazard. When neither of these solutions are possible, chemically resistant PPE is essential. Where hazardous chemicals are present, PPE must be an impermeable barrier to prevent potential injury. Protective clothing, respiratory protection, eye & face protection, and hand protection must provide adequate resistance to a broad range of potentially hazardous chemicals.