Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas Industry Dangers

Chemicals and products of oil and gas can cause irritation, they’re corrosive, and they’re flammable. To mitigate the risks presented by these hazards, a variety of protective equipment is utilized. Oil and gas wells can expose workers to hydrogen sulfide gas. If a site uses sand for any of their processes, such as in fracking or hydraulic fracturing, employees can be exposed to crystalline silica, a known cause of lung cancer. Flash fires that are common at these oil and gas drilling, production, and servicing sites can reach temperatures up to 1900 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your Source for Protection

With our headquarters based in Red Hill, Pennsylvania, Stauffer Glove & Safety is right in the heart of the expanding oil & gas industry, giving us a unique look into industry needs. Eye protection can keep an employee’s eyes safe from hazardous gases and particulate found in this industry. Gloves and other forms of body protection are used to protect an oil and gas worker from high heat hazards and sharp objects. Respirators protect employees' lungs from harmful gases and chemicals they could be exposed to in the oil and gas industry.