PPE in Construction

PPE for Construction Workers

According to the National Safety Council, the construction industry is one of the leading sources of workplace injuries. Complying with workplace safety standards help reduce the chance of injury, but where these standards fail, personal protective equipment is the last line of defense for a construction worker.

Most Common Safety Concerns for Construction Workers

Based upon publications from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the most common safety hazards on a construction site are fall hazards, falling object hazards, structural collapse, electric shock hazards, and repetitive motion injuries.

Construction PPE Checklist

  • Head Protection  ✔
    • Hard hats are essential on a construction site. They protect the wearer from falling objects, bumping into fixed objects or structures, or even electric shock hazards. Always ensure your hard hat fits properly and is free from cracks or damage.
  • Hand Protection  ✔
    • Work and safety gloves in construction can vary dependent on the application. Safety gloves for construction can protect the wearer from sharp cut hazards, dangerous impact hazards, electrical hazards, and more.
  • Face and Eye Protection  ✔
    • Safety glasses or face shields are vital on a construction site where flying objects and projectiles are always a hazard or airborne dust could irritate the eyes.
  • Foot Protection ✔
    • Steel toed boots are a must have for any worker on a construction site. Proper footwear protects construction workers from dropped objects, punctures from stepping on a sharp object, slipping, or - where applicable - hazardous chemicals.
  • Respiratory Protection ✔
    • If you’re doing a job that exposes you to airborne hazards such as dust, smoke, and fumes, it’s important that you have masks in order to protect your mouth, nose, and lungs.
  • Hearing Protection ✔
    • Hearing protection is an often overlooked element in construction safety. More than half of construction workers are exposed to harmful levels of noise at the job site. Earmuffs or earplugs help protect workers ears from excessive noise from construction equipment and tools.

PPE for Construction

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