Coretex 12649 - Insect Repellant Towelette

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Insect Repellents
652274 12649
43.20000 / Dispenser

Towelettes, Insect Repellent, BugX, 30% DEET Repels Ticks and Fleas, 50 towlettes per dispenser, 10 dispensers per case
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WHO WE ARE: The leading manufacturer of Outdoor Skin Protection Products for the Outside Workforce

WHAT WE DO: Assist the employer, through our Distributor(s) with the introduction of implementing an Injury & Illness Prevention Program by using our FDA, EPA & OSHA compliant products.

HOW WE DO IT: We offer compliant & effective skin protection products in award-winning packaging designs, which are both affordable and welcomed by Human Resource Departments, Safety Directors & Risk Management Teams for a comprehensive in-house implementation of an OSHA Injury and Illness Prevention Program (Title 8 3203).