115006 XPP-5422G
41.67000 / Each

Flashlight, Nightstick, green, 120-lumen CREE, XPE LED, combination flashlight, floodlight, dual light, non-slip grip, polymer housing, requires 3 AA batteries, intrinsically safe, 4 each per case
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NIGHTSTICK Performance, Quality and Value

Nightstick is a global brand of professional lighting products including flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that exceed the industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety and value.

Real-world Product Performance:

Nightstick products are built not only with lumen ratings that exceed most competitor products, but also with optimized performance characteristics such as candela, beam distance and run-times. The design must take into consideration all of these factors to impact a light's efficiency and performance. Nightstick products are also designed and manufactured using the best quality housing materials, precision engineered reflectors, reliable real-world switch functionality, state-of-the-art electronics and latest generation battery technology. Innovations such as Nightstick's exclusive Dual-Light design, combining a flashlight and a floodlight into a single light with the ability to turn both on simultaneously for added versatility and safety, is altering the idea of what a flashlight is. Further evidence of this innovative thinking is shown by our complete line of Intrinsically Safe lights that have the highest safety ratings in the world.
Unwavering Commitment to Quality:

All products produced in Bayco Products dedicated ISO 9001 Certified Factories undergo rigorous quality control inspections conducted by independent 3rd party inspectors at multiple points during the manufacturing process. Additional quality control inspections take place as products arrive and leave Bayco Products distribution facility. Quality is also demonstrated in the customer service experience with a target of nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.