Prescription Safety Glasses

Corporate Rx Safety Eyewear Programs

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SafeVision By Hoya

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Extensive inventory in the latest Rx eyewear styles are available. There are frames to meet every personality and company budget. Each company determines the frames that will be made available to their employees at no additional cost and those that may require an employee contribution. Please contact your company’s Rx Program Administrator or Safety Manager for more information.

Eye Protection in the Workplace

Nearly 25% of workers on the job wearing protective eyewear need prescriptions due to impaired or inhibited vision. Stauffer Glove & Safety is here to assist with developing your prescription safety eyewear program. Our aim is to help you in the selection of prescription safety eyewear and ensure they meet the individual’s visual requirements and working conditions. Programs can be developed to meet requirements for administering, budgeting and dispensing prescription eyewear. Our Safety Specialists are qualified to answer your eyewear questions and will help to implement and maintain your Prescription Safety Eyewear Program.

Product Selection, Program Options, Commitment to Quality

Stauffer Glove & Safety offers several programs options from our participating partners for your convenience. It is easy to establish safety features & options to meet your company’s specific safety requirements. Once identified, all unauthorized features are prevented from being delivered to your facility. Services Include:

  • Personalized service
  • On-time delivery
  • Prices for any budget
  • Quality Eyewear
  • ANSI-Compliant Products

Basic Ordering & Dispensing

Once the Rx form is completed by your local optical practitioner simply mail the form directly to the lab for processing. When Your order is ready it will be mailed back for distribution and dispensing. For faster service, email or fax your Rx prescription directly to the lab for immediate processing. Stauffer Glove & Safety has established relationships with optical professionals in your area. Local practitioners will write-up the eyewear order, process it and dispense the completed order to the employee. Stauffer can arrange to have your Rx eyewear dispensed directly on-site. Permanent on-site dispensing facilities are another option for larger enterprises.