Nylon Work Gloves

History of Nylon

Nylon is a thermoplastic synthetic polymer invented by DuPont, first being used in a nylon-bristled toothbrush in 1938, followed up by the success in women’s stockings in 1940. As history marched into World War II, nylon production was redirected to be used by the military in parachutes and parachute cords.

Nylon Characteristics

Nylon fibers are also excellent for use in lightweight work gloves, with its elasticity and comfort a key feature. Because it’s easier to dye, nylon fibers are popular in cut resistant gloves – the nylon is wrapped around the stronger cut resistant fibers like glass or steel. Stronger and more comfortable than polyester, nylon work gloves have become the general purpose, lightweight work glove – used in applications that require dexterity but more protection than a disposable.

Nylon Glove Applications

The most common types of lightweight nylon work gloves are inspectors’ gloves and polyurethane or Nitrile dipped work gloves. Nylon gloves have replaced other types of general -purpose gloves – like leather palm or cotton gloves. These lightweight work gloves are ideal for precise and delicate work that still requires protection such as electronics operations, laboratory work, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and other precise work.

Operations such as these often require total cleanliness and no fingerprint contamination, for which nylon gloves are well suited, since they are low lint and more durable than cotton string-knit gloves. These characteristics make nylon work gloves ideal for cleaning, small item handling and assemble, instrument parts, and other work where fingerprint contamination is an issue.

The most common nylon work gloves are white inspectors gloves, as their low-linting quality makes them ideal for inspections. Their white color makes contaminants easily visible upon inspection. Black and gray nylon work gloves hide dirt and provide some durability to extend use, while nitrile or polyurethane dips provide better grip in oily environments. 

Coated Nylon Work Gloves

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