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PPE Automotive: What Are The Best Gloves For Auto Mechanics?

There are so many different gloves available on the market today that it can be difficult to determine which type is best for your particular application. The automotive industry, in particular, has unique needs when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE). Stauffer put together this quick and easy guide to show you exactly what to look for in PPE automotive gloves and how to determine which are the best gloves for auto mechanics.

Primary Types Of PPE Automotive Gloves for Auto Mechanics

  1. Disposable
    While disposable PPE automotive gloves are somewhat common, workers should only use disposable gloves for light maintenance tasks. Use more durable reusable gloves for tasks where cuts, burns, or the effects of corrosive chemicals are a risk.
  2. Reusable
    The best gloves for auto mechanics are usually reusable gloves made from durable material like goatskin. These gloves are more resistant to dangers like extreme heat, cuts, water, intense cold, oil, corrosive chemicals, etc. They may not be necessary for lighter tasks, but they are better equipped to keep your workers’ hands safe when they need it the most.

What are the Best Gloves For Auto Mechanics? Here's What to Look For

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best gloves for automotive work:

Tear Resistance

Tear resistance is one of the most important factors when choosing the best gloves for auto mechanics. Latex gloves tear easily on sharp objects and must be discarded afterward. Nitrile gloves are a bit more durable — they are resistant to abrasions and minor cuts, tears, and scratches. Reusable leather PPE automotive gloves are much more difficult to tear and cut, often including additional protective layers of rubber, nylon, and plastic. They can also take significantly more damage before it becomes necessary to replace them.


The ability to move hands freely and maintain dexterity is essential for preventing accidents. Thicker materials offer greater protection, but workers shouldn’t have to sacrifice grip and dexterity for that protection. If workers feel their reusable gloves are too cumbersome to work with, they are more likely to choose disposable or less protective gloves that could leave them vulnerable to injury. Look for gloves that offer heightened protection and flexibility. Features like a gripping layer on the fingers and palms can make manipulating objects easier.


While disposable nitrile gloves can protect workers from minor abrasions, scratches, and common corrosives, even the most basic pair of reusable gloves protect workers more effectively. They are the best option for durability. Some will also protect from extreme temperatures, so they are comfortable to wear in the summer heat and can help keep your hands warm during the cold of winter.


Automotive work can involve many repetitive movements. It is critical to maintain mobility in the wrists and hands to reduce the adverse effects of such repetitive movements. PPE automotive gloves should fit comfortably with a flexible yet firm grip. Softer materials like goatskin leather can be more comfortable against the skin and are easier to “break in.”

Stauffer Has a Wide Selection of PPE Automotive Including The Best Gloves For Auto Mechanics

Those working in the automotive industry may work in elevated areas, putting them at risk for falls. Slippery, greasy floors present tripping hazards. In addition, large machinery and sharp edges present impact, hearing, and laceration hazards. Stauffer carries all the solutions for these hazards - harnesses and anchors, mats and slip-resistant foot protection, earmuffs and earplugs, and all forms of hand protection from cut-resistant to impact resistant. Shop our Top 10 list of the best PPE automotive gloves for auto mechanics below:

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