Food Processing

PPE Services

  • With customized programs and services to meet the specific needs of your business, Stauffer can be your resident expert in Food Processing PPE.
  • Safety is the specialty of our team of dedicated account managers. Stauffer's experts can provide on-site training and support to ensure compliance and proper usage.

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Expert, Up-to-date Solutions

  • By continuously updating our knowledge and product line, Stauffer helps reduce workman's compensation claims and promotes cost-saving alternatives, like Stauffer Brand disposables.
  • Product offerings range from hand protection, cutlery and knives, paper protects, and everything in between.

Safety's Never Been Simpler

  • Our e-commerce platform offers contract pricing, real-time inventory, and easy online ordering
  • Stauffer customizes safety to fit your needs, including custom prescription eyewear.
  • Reporting & Inventory Management can help identify cost and inventory optimization opportunities.

Prevent Contamination, Protect the Consumer

Protective equipment in the food industry is beneficial to several parties including the consumers, the food industry workers, and the products themselves. The food industry is one of the more tightly regulated industries, as food contamination is an issue that can have serious economic and public health consequences. The average consumer has certain expectations when it comes to the food that they purchase.

Protected Product, Productive Workforce

Consumers want their food to be of commensurate quality, cleanliness, and cost. Providing employees with effective and comfortable protective equipment will help prevent contamination of food products by parasites, bacteria, dust, mold, and other hazards that can be found on the human body and clothing. PPE in the food industry also protects the worker from injuries such as cuts, burns, bruises, and fractures. Comfortable, effective PPE also creates a more productive workforce.