Caiman 1540 - TIG/Multi-Tasking Welding Gloves, Premium Goat Grain

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Welding Gloves
P002918 1540
17.10000 / Pair

Gloves, welding, TIG/multi-tasking, gold, gauntlet cuff, premium top grain goatskin, unlined, leather palm, kevlar stitching, keystone thumb, size small
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It all started back in the 1970s when Gene Hong, originator of the Caiman® style glove, decided "enough was enough" and that there had to be a better glove out there for welders. His focus was on comfort and dexterity, two things that typically are not found in standard welding gloves. While these two elements go hand-in-hand, they require advanced pattern engineering as well as high-quality materials to successfully achieve both aspects. And just in case the bar was not set high enough, Gene also wanted the glove to look good.

But Gene didn't stop there: he applied this same thought process to other PPE categories including high performance gloves and protective clothing, further solidifying Caiman's position as a provider of innovative and unique safety products. With more than 37,000,000 products sold and over 2,000,000 customers served, Gene's vision for something more was exactly what the market didn't know it needed and thus, garnered a very loyal following over the years.

In 2020, Primax Manufacturing & Trading Inc. along with its leading Caiman® brand was acquired by PIP®. We share in Gene?s vision of providing workers with premium-performing PPE that combines industry-leading features with an unmatched level of style, comfort and dexterity. Along with members of the original team, significant investments in marketing and sales have been made to get Caiman® premium welding gloves to all welders across the globe.