Dexter Russell 26983 - Knife,Deboning 6" Wide Stiff

Shop Dexter Russell 26983 - Knife,Deboning 6" Wide Stiff
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095109 26983
Dexter Russell
21.23000 / Each

Knife, deboning, 6" wide stiff blade, 12 each per box

Dexter-Russell poultry knives feature ergonomically designed handles and sharp ultimate edges in stain-free, high-carbon steel to take on all cutting tasks. Dexter-Russell also offers a full line of Sharpening Steels and Knife Sharpeners. Dexter-Russell's quality line of poultry knives sets the standard in the poultry De-boning industry. Many years of research and development in the field combined with 200 years in the knife manufacturing Industry have allowed for the development of our poultry knife line. Dexter understands that when performing operations such as shoulder cuts, scoring breast, pulling tenders, trimming wings, oyster cuts etc. a sharp knife and an ergonomic, slip-resistant knife are keys to high yield production. Our Field Processing Specialists, working in conjunction with major processors, have developed cutting tools, product application training, and sharpening solutions to help De-Boning departments reach their production goals.
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Discover the Dexter edge. Professional cutlery and product solutions designed for optimal production yields. Edges are sharp right out of the box and can be easily re-sharpened. Handles are ergonomically designed, slip resistant, and tailored to the task. The Dexter edge - the right knife and solution since 1818.