Meltblown Technologies GDM200 - Universal Sorbent Pads, Lightweight

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Meltblown Technologies
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Meltblown Technologies

MBT manufactures premium polypropylene oil and chemical sorbents. Our process includes inline meltblowing, bonding perforating, sheeting, and stacking. These fully automated lines ensure consistency and minimize waste.
Our core products are pads and rolls, but by reprocessing our waste we are able to manufacture a full line of accessories such as socks, booms, pillows, drip pans, etc. We also buy a large amount of post-industrial waste from other producers, which represents the bulk of our sales of accessory sorbents. These products are used in machine shops, assembly plants, power stations, airports, retention ponds, on open water, or wherever a potential spill may occur.

MBT customers are safety environmental, industrial, and janitorial distributors. Our distribution network spans the globe.