Anti Fog Solutions for Glasses

What causes lens fogging?

Foggy lenses are caused by the condensation of water vapor on the glasses. Fogged glasses can simply be an inconvenience or a safety hazard, as you cannot see what you're doing until the fog clears.With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are wearing face masks and coverings, leading to even more fogged lenses. The masks directs your warm breathing upward and into your lenses, causing them to fog. Anti fog solutions for glasses are vital to everyone nowadays, not just those wearing safety spectacles at work.

Anti Fog Spray for Glasses

One of the more convient options for preventing fogging on glasses without anti fog lenses are anti fog sprays. Anti fog sprays for glasses create hydrophobic layer on lenses that repels condensation.

Anti Fog Wipes for Glasses

Anti Fog Lens Wipes are a great option if you already own the glasses or spectacles that don't come with an anti fog lens coating option. While not a viable long term solution for fogging, they can provide temporary relief.