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LineDrive’s Ladder Assessments and Training Programs Provide You with the Knowledge and Skills to Keep Your Workers Safe All Year Long.  

Stauffer Glove & Safety alongside LineDrive helped an end-user improve their facility's safety by offering them complimentary ladder assessments and training.  

Challenge Summary:

Ensuring All Ladders Are Fully Inspected to Eliminate Safety Concerns 

The end-user noticed that they had several ladders that needed to be inspected to stay OSHA-compliant. They reached out to Stauffer to find a budget-friendly option to get their ladders safe and inspected.  

Stauffer’s Approach:

Inspecting and Replacing All Non-Compliant Ladders 

Inspecting and replacing all non-compliant ladders is crucial to ensuring the safety of workers who use ladders in their daily job duties. By inspecting ladders regularly, you can identify any potential hazards and take corrective action before accidents occur. Regular inspection can also help to identify ladders that are no longer safe for use and need to be replaced. The end-user had a combination of folding, extension, and step ladders that needed to be inspected. During the assessment, we were able to take inventory of the ladders while removing any that were unsafe and uncompliant. 

In total, Stauffer and LineDrive tagged out 5 ladders and spent roughly 4 hours inspecting the ladders in the facility.  After completing the assessment, Stauffer gave the end-user recommendations for proper replacements as well as a report covering all the findings.

The Results:

Workers enjoy cost savings and peace of mind knowing they are safe.

All the non-compliant ladders were replaced with Werner ladders, ensuring the safety of the workers as they work high off the ground. Stauffer Glove & Safety was able to save $6500 total to have 90 ladders inspected during the 4-hour window.  

Regular inspection and replacement of non-compliant ladders can help organizations comply with safety regulations and avoid costly penalties and fines. It also demonstrates a commitment to ensuring the safety of workers and maintaining a safe work environment.

Who is LineDrive?

LineDrive is a solutions-based sales agency that specializes in People Safety, Facility Safety, and Facility Maintenance & Productivity. Stauffer Glove & Safety and LineDrive partner with top brands to deliver value-added services and solutions that keep facilities safe and productive.

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Are You Looking for Ladder Safety Trainings or Assessments?
Are You Looking for Ladder Safety Trainings or Assessments?

Stauffer Glove & Safety can help!

Why are Ladder Inspections Important?
Why are Ladder Inspections Important?
Ladder-related injuries send more than 130,000 people to the emergency room every year.