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Stauffer Trackman Gloves Keep Workers Safe and ComfortableStauffer Trackman Gloves Keep Workers Safe and Comfortable

Stauffer Trackman safety gloves recently helped a long-time power generation client improve employee safety by offering them higher quality, better-fitting gloves.

Challenge Summary:

Low Quality and Poor Fit Create Compliance Challenges

The client’s safety team noticed that workers had been struggling more and more with ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and low-quality safety gloves. Driven by a commitment to keep employees safe, they reached out to Stauffer to find a better alternative. They had worked with Stauffer in the past to help develop new safety products and knew the supplier could help.

Stauffer’s Approach:

Worker Feedback Drives the Design of The Ultimate Safety Glove

Stauffer met with the client to review the current products and their flaws, reviewing each type of safety glove and noting key deficiencies in fit and quality. Then, they used that information to help their partners design a new kind of glove that would address all the client’s negative feedback and provide the ideal glove for their workforce.

The client’s safety team reviewed and provided feedback on several iterations of the new safety glove. They tested several samples in the field and shared worker insights with Stauffer to identify further improvements. Finally, they landed on a design that fulfilled all expectations for safety, comfort, and fit.

The Results:

Workers Enjoy Superior Fit and Quality of Trackman Safety Gloves

Workers at the client’s facility loved the new safety gloves. The gloves offered a choice between premium-grain cowhide or goatskin leather for enhanced comfort, fit, and durability. Combined with ANSI Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 4, and Arc Flash 4 ratings, the Aramid Blend full lining and stitching don’t compromise on quality or safety.

Because the safety gloves were more pleasant to use with customization options available to suit their personal preferences, employees had no problem complying with safety standards to keep the gloves on during all hazardous work. By boosting comfort and quality, Trackman safety gloves helped the client improve compliance levels.

Try Stauffer Trackman Safety Gloves Today

Stauffer approached the design of the Trackman series with the utmost care for their customers’ comfort to promote safety on the job. Trackman safety gloves wrap the durability of cowhide and the flexibility of goatskin around the strength of cut-resistant gloves, combined with an arc-flash rating thanks to materials designed to protect against flames caused by electrical malfunctions — making them ideal for utility applications, as well as a variety of other work environments where sharp objects and power systems are involved. Trackman safety gloves are also perfect for applications that merely require cut-resistance but can also benefit from leather’s more substantial hand protection. Contact us today to give these  gloves a try.

 Choosing the Right Arc-Rated Glove
Choosing the Right Arc-Rated Glove

Finding a glove that seamlessly combines top-notch safety and superior comfort with outstanding quality control can be challenging.

 Shop Trackman
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ANSI Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 4, Arc Flash 4 ratings

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