Press Release | Trackman

Red Hill, PA October, 2021--

Stauffer Glove and Safety® is proud to announce the launch of Trackman Leather Work Gloves.

Stauffer's new series of high-quality Trackman  safety gloves, the ultimate safety glove for utility workers (and more) featuring an ANSI Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 4, and Arc Flash 4 ratings.

Stauffer Trackman™ series gloves offer the high level of safety for which the Stauffer name is known, paired with the highest quality materials like Aramid Blend full lining and Kevlar® stitching and premium-grain cowhide or goatskin leather. The goatskin option is perfect for workers who prefer a more flexible and comfortable glove for long periods of low-impact work with non-abrasive materials, while the cowhide offers remarkable durability for heavy-duty tasks that require the rugged strength of a longer-lasting material. In addition to elevated safety, quality, comfort, and durability, Stauffer Trackman gloves offer a high-quality and affordable product on the market.

Stauffer’s unique position as a safety-specific distributor has allowed them to build relationships with our partners who  develop products based directly on customer requirements. The development of Trackman gloves was guided by an advisory board of customers, including corporate methods and utility personnel. The comfort, sizing, hand fatigue, and other attributes of the gloves were evaluated and, in some cases, reworked to create a glove tailor-made for workers’ specific needs. Knowing that choosing a work glove is often a highly personal decision and that more comfortable gloves are more likely to be used, Stauffer approached the design of the Trackman series with the utmost care for their customers’ comfort to promote safety on the job.

Stauffer Trackman gloves wrap the durability of cowhide and the flexibility of goatskin around the strength of cut-resistant gloves, combined with an arc-flash rating thanks to materials designed to protect against flames caused by electrical malfunctions — making them ideal for utility applications, as well as a variety of other work environments where sharp objects and power systems are involved. Trackman gloves are also perfect for applications that merely require cut-resistance but can also benefit from the more substantial hand protection provided by leather.

Stauffer Trackman gloves are available online at or through the Stauffer sales team.

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