AMMEX VPF - Exam Grade Power Free Vinyl Gloves

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Disposable Gloves
P002401 VPF
41.00000 / Box

Gloves, disposable, clear vinyl, exam grade, powder free, latex free, smooth, 100 each per box, 10 boxes per case, size Small - Large.

  • Laboratory technicians go through a lot of disposable gloves every day. So do doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, and other healthcare professionals.
  • They have specific expectations for what their gloves can do. To meet them, they turn to AMMEX Clear Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves.
  • Vinyl is less elastic than nitrile and latex, which means it has a looser fit and a smooth, comfortable feel. It helps eliminate allergic reactions to latex protein.
  • AMMEX Clear Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves provide good sensitivity in the palm and fingertips, which enhances tactile response and ensures optimum feel.
  • The gloves are powder free, which is good news for patients, because research has shown that powder in gloves can impede the healing of wounds. A polymer coating still helps them go on and off easily.

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AMMEX has been a reliable supplier of Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl hand protection since 1988. AMMEX helps people select the right single use hand protection and helps companies reduce risk by providing quality products. AMMEX employees conduct 100% inspections across our network of suppliers to help us deliver on our commitment to meeting and exceeding compliance standards and end user quality expectations. AMMEX complete product lineup includes our premium Raised Diamond Texture (RDT) gloves that deliver outstanding value across industrial applications.