Armor Guys 02-015 - 13g HDPE liner, PU palm coating. ANSI Cut Level A6

Shop Armor Guys 02-015 - 13g HDPE liner, PU palm coating. ANSI Cut Level A6
Cut Resistant Gloves
P002107 02-015
Armor Guys
74.90000 / Pair

Gloves, 13-gauge blue HDPE liner, black PU palm coating, ANSI Cut Level A6, sizes Extra Small - 2XL, sold by the dozen
Cut Level A6
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Armor Guys

Armor Guys is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of premium hand and arm protection products. Our parent company began operations in 1993 and over the past 25 years has developed some of the finest gloves and sleeves for general purpose, cut resistant, heat resistant and chemical resistant applications. Operating in factories that are both ISO 9001:2000 certified for quality management and ISO 14000 certified for environmental management, you can be certain you're buying from one of the most advanced hand and arm protection manufacturing facilities in the world. Being a vertically integrated manufacturer; we source the raw materials, upwind our proprietary yarns, knit the liners, apply the coating, wash the gloves prior to packaging and do a final inspection to ensure quality of the products. Because of this, Armor Guys has the ability to provide products that will meet and exceed the most stringent quality standards, while doing so at the most competitive prices in the market.