Niroflex GU-2504 - Stainless Steel Mesh Gloves

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Cut Resistant Gloves
P000191 GU-2504
140.37000 / Each

Glove, NiroFlex 2000, stainless steel mesh, 5 finger style, hygenic all metal design with 3" extended cuff with cuff stiffeners, fully enclosed, reversible, sizes 2XS-2XL

The most hygienic metal mesh glove available! Niroflex2000 gloves are 100% stainless steel and have no fabric straps to wear out or deteriorate during cleaning and sanitizing, and are the only gloves on the USDA Meat and Poultry Equipment Review Program's Accepted Product List. Niroflex2000's patented wrist fastener is easily adjustable to provide a comfortable, secure fit. The reversible design fits either right or left hand. 3" cuff style; also available in wrist length, 6-inch cuff, 9-inch cuff and full shoulder length. All gloves include a scannable serial number tag for tracking gloves when issued to employees or for charting cleaning schedule. Custom glove sizes and configurations are available on special request.