Martor USA 150001 - SECUMAX 150 (10 PER BOX)

Shop Martor USA 150001 - SECUMAX 150 (10 PER BOX)
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012207 150001
Martor USA
3.24000 / Each

Knife, safety, Secumax 150, injected concealed 3-in-1 blade, disposable, slip proof, ergonomically shaped, cuts material up to 3/16" thick, 10 knives per pack, 550 knives per case

FULL POINTS IN THREE REGARDS. The SECUMAX 150 resolves several issues in one. With its concealed blade, you will never have to worry about injuring yourself or damaging your goods. Thanks to its versatility, you only need the one tool to cut, scrape and split. And with its 24 grams and ergonomic design, the SECUMAX 150 won't weigh you down with fatigue after a day of cutting. In short: it is the cutting tool you have been waiting for. - 3 in 1 Blade head - Concealed blade for high level of safety - Protects operator and product simultaneously - No blade change - Ergonomically shaped Dimensions: 5.83" L x 0.433" W x 1.46" H Weight - 0.86 oz Cutting depth: 6.2 mm
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Martor  has been a global leader in the manufacture of high quality knives and blades for almost 70 years.  Manufacturing is done in Solingen, Germany. In 1976, Martor developed the first Spring Loaded Retractable  safety cutter.  The Martor Profi soon became the standard of safety.  It was the first safety cutter designed to protect users from cutting tool injuries.
Today, Martor produces almost 300 different styles of knives and cutters specific to industry.  Another first, was the introduction in the year 2000 of the patented line of Smart Knives that feature automatic blade retraction regardless of the position of the slide.  Unlike most retractable cutters on the market, the blade of these Smart Knives retracts into the handle whenever contact with the work piece is lost. This safety feature cannot be overridden under normal use. Martor also manufactures an extensive line of concealed blade safety cutters.  These cutters feature unexposed blades that protect the user and minimize waste, all without normally requiring the worker to wear any form of PPE.
In addition to Smart Knives, SLR knives and concealed blade safety cutters, the line includes many bladeless cutters, Metal Detectable Plastic cutters, deburring tools and the largest variety of blade options.